Explanatory Statement and Questionnaire

Assessment of Phonological Awareness and Reading

Conditions of download.

The APAR has been designed for use by a speech pathologist, psychologist, teacher or others with qualifications and experience in test administration. You are free to download the APAR and to administer it to students/clients who require a reading assessment.

As a research team, we are seeking to gather information on the use of the protocol, at two levels: (1) general information on the types of professionals accessing the APAR and the population(s) with whom they intend using it , and (2) specific scores achieved by individuals to whom tasks from the APAR are administered. Your provision of this information is purely voluntary, and our use of the information is governed by ethical considerations. To this end, data collection has been approved by the Monash University Standing Committee on Ethics for Research involving Humans (SCERH) (project number 2001/042). Should you have any concerns about ethical aspects of this project, you can register a complaint by contacting The Standing Committee on Ethics in Research Involving Humans at the following address:

The Secretary
The Standing Committee on Ethics in Research Involving Humans
Monash University
Wellington Road
Clayton Victoria 3800
Telephone (03) 9905 2052 Fax (03) 9905 1420
Email: SCERH@adm.monash.edu.au

General Information

Provision of general information will be used in our evaluation of the APAR. To provide this information, simply complete and submit the on-line form below. We will receive this information in a form that does not contain information that will identify you. Your responses to the questions will be transferred to a database. In this way, it will not be possible for us to identify individuals who have chosen to respond to the questionnaire.

Individual Data

We are building a data base on the skills of people with reading disability for research purposes: in particular, to assess the validity of the APAR and to extend our understanding of the reading skills of people with reading problems. The information you provide will add to this data base. We do not seek any information that could identify the person to whom you administered the APAR. As with the general information questionnaire, to submit the information, you simply complete an online form. We will receive the information in a form that will not contain information to identify the person who sent it. On receipt of the information, we will transfer the scores and profile information to a data base.

We will be happy to provide information on the means and ranges for each task of the APAR, to provide you with information on how your student/client performed in relation to others with similar types of disability. This information will be provided on our website once we have data on at least 20 individuals within each disability group. It should be remembered that the data provided reflect performance of others who have taken the test only; average scores and ranges should not be interpreted as an indication of a person’s level of reading ability according to chronological or mental age. We hope to provide scores on our website for groups of people without disability at a later stage.

Please remember, you are free to download the APAR regardless of whether or not you complete either or both of the on-line forms. We hope the APAR is useful to you and your students/clients. Your feedback is welcome on any aspects of the APAR or on this data collection process.

"General Information Questionnaire" (for completion prior to proceeding to the APAR)

"Individual Student Questionnaire" (for completion after administering the APAR)

Proceed directly to APAR (if you do not wish to complete the questionnaires)

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